Testimonials From Actual Clients
"I met Debi Carey just prior to completing my Residency and have engaged her on several occasions.  I have found her to be reliable, knowledgeable and conscientious.  Whatever success I have enjoyed in my medical practice, I credit largely to her."
Family Practitioner

"Our practice was in shambles after we fumbled around for almost a year on our own.  Staffing, scheduling, billing, accounting, and inventory were a nightmare--even our corporate documents were a mess--which we didn't discover til one the MD's wanted to bail.  

"The Physician Services Director at our hospital introduced us to Debi Carey.  We knew we needed help but we still thought we could fix things with a "pieces, parts" approach.  She worked through our issues one by one, showing a lot more patience than any of us had for the project, and our practice is now thriving thanks to her efforts.  She has continued to provide PRN support and assistance for us years after that initial consultation. 
"The only regret we have in working with Mrs. Carey is that we didn't take the Director's initial advice:  do everything she says, and do it now."

"When I relocated my Child Psychiatry practice from Virginia, Mrs. Carey provided a number of services including staffing my office, training my staff, setting up my billing and bookkeeping, and review and negotiation of my contracts.  Her advice and support were invaluable.  My calls were always returned promptly and she provided assistance in a timely manner.  I have great confidence in Mrs. Carey and recommend her without hesitation."

Child Psychiatrist  

"Thank you for the work you did to assist me in getting my practice open.  Your prior experience in establishing practices certainly came through as we worked through the many details.  I particularly appreciate your patience as you worked with me to understand the needs we had in interacting with the insurance carriers and also in my new role as an employer.  I would not hesitate to say that, in retrospect, the availability of your consulting services was the key to my successful transition from the Navy and the rapid launch of my practice.  I highly recommend your services as you have amply demonstrated your professionalism and ethical practice to me."


"Debi Carey was called in to our practice during a very difficult time when a lot of changes were sorely needed and many new policies had to be implemented.  She handled each and every task with extreme calm and utmost confidence.  Due to her competence and persistence we are now prospering and I certainly recommend Ms. Carey.  She is efficient and competent, and I value her openness in letting her views be known on topics pertaining to my practice operations."

"As the final phase of setting up my dermatology practice unfolds, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the help you have provided.  Right now, I feel like a private practice veteran, but this could not have happened without you.
"Several visitors to my office have been very impressed by the its transformation.  Your initial suggestions and sketches allowed me to choose this space with confidence.  Your successful negotiations with the Landlord paid for your entire consulting fee.
"When I first contemplated leaving the Navy, I wondered how a long-distance consultation could work, but your willingness to travel as needed made logistics no issue at all."

"I am so pleased with the way my practice is being received and how efficiently everything is running.  Although I attended several practice management seminars before starting my practice, it would have been impossible to have set things up as smoothly without your assistance.

"My biggest concerns while I was still in the Navy were staffing and computer systems.  The legwork you did before I arrived in Maine saved me a tremendous amount of time and anguish.  The interviews we did together taught me many subtleties involved in selecting the right person and setting salaries.  The computer system you recommended saved me the entire amount of your professional fee.
"You made my transition from military medicine to the civilian world easy and worry free."

"I am pleased to recommend Debi Carey as a consultant who assisted me when I moved my practice from the University of Missouri.  Even though Plastic Surgery is somewhat unique, Ms. Carey was able to train our office manager, write our policies and set up our billing and accounting.  I have engaged her on several subsequent occasions and I enthusiastically endorse her services."

Plastic Surgeon

"The first six months of my practice in Louisiana have gone well, largely due to your advice and advance ground work.  I'm amazed at how little I knew about the business of medicine and I am grateful that I had your good advice regarding many business decisions.  I would have made a lot costly errors otherwise.

"Several of my colleagues started their practices without professional advice and have made some mistakes which they are paying for two and three years later, both financially and emotionally.  Many people have commented on how "professionally" I've handled my business; this has helped my image not only with the patients but with other physicians in the area.  Without your assistance, I would have been another of the newcomers, stumbling onto the scene of medical practice.
"Your fee for professional services was very reasonable, after the initial shock of seeing that good advice costs money.  Considering all the decisions we made, I found that you saved me enough to cover your fees by eliminating billing and collection errors.  I saved over $3000 in employee salaries the first year due to your ability to establish appropriate salaries and benefits.  You not only helped me find quality employees but negotiated wages as I could afford as I started my practice.
"I am forever indebted to  you for the professional assistance you provided."
Med-Peds Specialist
"I can truly say that Ms. Carey was of tremendous help as I started my GI practice.  She provides excellent service and kept me from making costly mistakes with insurance and Medicare."
"Ms. Carey's services were invaluable to me as I started a practice in a town where I'd never lived and I had no experience at all with the medical bureaucracy.  She handled all the details and made the transition easy. 
"Having someone familiar with both the clinical and business aspects of practice who could manage the process saved me a lot of time and gastric mucosa.  Without her assistance, I would have wasted many dollars making costly mistakes on my own, and her services were well worth the fees I paid."

"When I made the decision to leave an academic practice, I had very little knowledge about actual business operations nor any idea how to accomplish the multitude of tasks required.  Two colleagues recommended Debi Carey as a resource for getting my practice started, and all my fear and trepidation was completely laid to rest at my initial consultation with her. Her professionalism and expertise were exemplary and she is clearly a leader in her field.  I recommend her without reservation. My practice is doing extremely well, due largely to her numerous skills and experience.
Oculoplastic Surgeon


"Our institution engaged Debi Carey to assist with a number of practice establishment and physician integration projects.  I am pleased to state that in all cases, Debi has conducted herself with the utmost professionalism, as well as the highest level of competence.  Ms. Carey's most obvious strength is her technical expertise in her field.  Her knowledge of physician practice management issues and concerns is highly evolved and makes her well-suited for both institutional and private practice projects.  She has been able to take several complex physician integration concepts and translate them into practical, real world solutions."
Hospital System Chief Financial Officer


"I recommend very highly and without reservation Debi Carey to physicians concerned with practice management issues.  I had multiple management and policy difficulties when I contracted with Ms. Carey. 
"In the past 12 months, she has revamped our HR policies, our billing procedures and management techniques with excellent results.  Not only does our office function more efficiently, but there is less headache for me, so I can concentrate on medicine.
"Ms. Carey's many years of experience and her previous involvement with multiple practices allows her to suggest successful strategies which have been time-tested, but she tempers this quite nicely with the willingness to apply a fresh approach for those physicians whose practice style and techniques require unique modifications.
"Ms. Carey is a can-do, no-nonsense consultant who is refreshingly candid.  Her persistence in maintaining the physician's best interest is evident throughout her consultation."



"When I relocated my Child Psychiatry practice from Virginia, Mrs. Carey provided a number of services including staffing my office, training my staff, setting up my billing and bookkeeping, and review and negotiation of my contracts.  Her advice and support were invaluable.  My calls were always returned promptly and she provided assistance in a timely manner.  I have great confidence in Mrs. Carey and recommend her without hesitation."

Child Psychiatrist

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