Obamacare Subsidy Tax

Hospitals negotiating less-than-MC "discounts" for Obamacare

How are we going to pay doctors?

Fee or Service Medicine

The right NOT to work for Obamacare

State of IL (pdf)

Obamacare Chart (pdf)

Obamacare Taxes (pdf)

Obamacare Waivers (Excel)

Article: Baby Boomers Retire



"Thank you for the work you did to assist me in getting my practice open.  Your prior experience in establishing practices certainly came through as we worked through the many details.  I particularly appreciate your patience as you worked with me to understand the needs we had in interacting with the insurance carriers and also in my new role as an employer.  I would not hesitate to say that, in retrospect, the availability of your consulting services was the key to my successful transition from the Navy and the rapid launch of my practice.  I highly recommend your services as you have amply demonstrated your professionalism and ethical practice to me."


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